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Havana City Scene - by davidandnasha
Goats and motorbike, Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, India.JPG - by gruntzooki
Ipanema - by Karen Chan 16
Hitchhiking with the Iron Horse - by Padraic.
Hiking in the Dolomites From Rifugio Nuvolau , Cortina D'ampezzo Italy - by vogliovento
'Off the Beaten Path', Iceland Fields of Lyngdalsheiði - by WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com)
Sahara Dreaming - by GirlUnmapped
Business Class - by sumoworld
Venice - by DeptfordJon
Esfahan, Iran - by Ginger Brew

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frimurer 3 years ago in Cambodia Travel Tips


still.... in laos they are truly honest, or were. in my opinion it's rather mass tourism and all those crazy worthless NGOs that show them people:...more

Бен Боншанс 4 years ago in What is China like


china is great to travel.... and its alot more than thaichi, caligraphy etc., its also alot more than mao... everybody who was there knows,


Mikhail Mina 4 years ago in Where to go


hampi was one of my favourite places in India. Its in the south it was over a decade ago I saw it so it's changed no doubt. Always be ready for...more

Silver Silvia 4 years ago in What is India like


i lived in India for almost 10 years on and off  I felt that country was my home for many years  and I had thousand of magical experiences there  the...more

Michaella Mitra 4 years ago in What is Thailand like


I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Thailand.  On my first trip there, January 2011, I fell in love with the food, the beauty of their...more

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tomroadjunky 4 years ago in Can love be found on the road

One of the drawbacks of romance on the road is accidentally meeting that same person years later and not recognizing them. It seems that our brains...more

ALe Ale 5 years ago in Can love be found on the road

that's so true and so beatuful...or beatifil ( as i mispelled the first time i tiped it)

Tomi Astikainen 5 years ago in How to travel with no money

"The Sunhitcher - On the road without money" is a free ebook that might be of interest to you. Available in: more

setcookie 5 years ago in Can love be found on the road

that is really beautiful. the chance of meeting love on the way are far greater then meeting love in the supermarket. bereft of one´s shields with no...more

Elwood_Gustav 5 years ago in Can love be found on the road

three years ago I was on my way from Marocco to hungry, on the way we passed Andorra by accident. There is no flat space in Andorra city at all so we...more

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